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Mleko a Miód

Mleko a Miód is an RPG based on Jewish and Central/Eastern European folklore and late 19th century Jewish life that uses magic as a key element.

The Void

You are one of the last survivors of humanity. The remaining country, AK Corp., has sent you and other citizens as adventurers on a mission to retrieve what is known as “technology.”


A volcano has erupted, sending lava across the path of four hikers racing to reach a single-occupant safe house at the end of the trail.

Chicken Coop

Battle with Jet Engine chicken, Hypnotist chicken, Magnet chicken, and more.


Loom is a game in which the act of weaving and buying are juxtaposed in order to explore the economic and social tensions found between consuming and producing clothing in a capitalist economy.

Arcade Cocktail Cabinets

Featuring glass tops over screens and custom controllers, the Arcade Cocktail Cabinets have become some of the most shown objects created by the Game Lab.

Best Burger

Attempt to predict burger trends and barter with your fellow farmers to create the trendiest burger possible.

Plastic Vortex

Plastic Vortex is based on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a mass of human-made debris caught in the swirling gyres of the North Pacific Ocean. The first animal to cross the vortex without choking on plastic wins.


"Junk" is game based on William S. Burrough's essay "Deposition: Testimony Concerning a Sickness" that compares drug use to capitalism.

One Day, Independence Day

One Day, Independence Day! is a four-player game that chronicles events and figures from Korea, just after the country's division into North and South.


Flow is a game about city management and water distribution.


As Cupertino rapidly becomes known as “the city where Apple is”, longtime residents must work together to stay in the city they call home.

Food Trucks

Put your culinary skills to the test and battle sandwiches in a tournament-style miniature monster truck rally

Pope Burn

Pope Burn is a game about the representation and interpretation of politics through print media in 17th Century England.


“Arrangement” simulates matchmaking by asking potential partners to draw identical drawings through verbal guidance alone.

Locals Only!

Locals Only! is a game about surf localism and catching sweet waves.


A complex strategy game that tests your ability to build bridges (and tear them down).


Installation of regional redesigned chess variants, with new game pieces developed that sculpturally convey their rules of movement and relative power on the board.

Mom Actually

Balance love and weight as you try to raise your children in the modern world.

Eco War

Play as nature or corporations - control or die!


A game of self-discovery, courage, fear, faith, love, expression, and triumph.


A trading card game about the inherent shallow nature of popular dance music.


Reconstruct your self identity as a non-native U.S. citizen.

Paper Sons

Attempt to immigrate to the United States through Angel Island.

Food Insecurity

Play as a low-income individual balancing money, health, and dependence while trying to meet your daily caloric requirements.


This is a game about meat and the ever-conflicting information regarding whether or not humans should be eating animals.

Prepare for the all-new All Terrain Derby!


Pacwars is a four player, team-based board game based on Chess and Pacman.


The tower was built in such a way that it is extremely dangerous for more than three intruders to ascend the tower.

Los Angeles Loves You

You are a sad, sad commuter in the city of LA, trying to get to work on a Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday...whatever.)


Kubisch is an innovative 3-dimensional twist on tic-tac-toe.


This 2-vs-1 game takes players through various storylines, culminating in a battle between two ghosts and their murderer.

Escape from Spiderhead

Players must use various experimental drugs to build up the willpower necessary to sacrifice themselves and save their peers.

Escape from Sea Oak

Strategize your job, risks, and alliances in order to escape your humble surroundings and make it to the good life.

En Gore

En Gore is a two player turn-based strategy game testing speed and dexterity using the concepts of foil fencing.

Corporate Ladder

Corporate Ladder is a strategic game of stacking blocks for 4 to 6 players. The object of the game is to take up the most space.