Best Burger

Attempt to predict burger trends and barter with your fellow farmers to create the trendiest burger possible.




Created in the Fall 2017 Game Design class (DESMA 157), taught by Eddo Stern


Burger ingredient game bits, custom game box and board, trend cards.


Isabella Clark  :  Game Designer

Attempt to predict burger trends and barter with your fellow farmers. Players can play as a meat/dairy farmer, a veggie farmer, a specialties farmer, and a grain farmer, each of whom has access to different ingredients on the game board, which is divided four ways. Each round begins with everyone looking at trend card face up in the center of the board, which shows a hint and the total amount of necessary ingredients. Each farmer then creates a burger for that round that is as similar to the trend burger as possible. Players spend resources to buy or trade with other farmers to get the ingredients they cannot produce themselves. Each farmer sets their own prices, allowing for sabotage. Once everyone is finished building their burgers, flip the trend card and see who used mosr of the correct ingredients on their burger.The winner of the round keeps the card and the ingredients are returned to their place on the board. At the end of five rounds, whoever won the most cards wins the game!