trace is a board game about virtual identity theft.




Created in the Spring 2019 Game Design class (DESMA 157), taught by Eddo Stern


Laser cut wood, clay, cards, printed ink


Nancy Wu  :  Game Designer

trace is a board game about virtual identity theft, adapted from the classic board game Clue. Players must determine what piece of private information was lost on which domain through which Internet-connected device they were using. They must move through the virtual network space to different domain locations in order to make guesses regarding the what, where, and how of the theft. Through the power of deduction, the correct combination of each is revealed when players make guesses and prove each other wrong in a semi-cooperative manner. This tabletop game explores how our extensive use of the Internet gives rise to many opportunities for identity theft and breaches of cybersecurity. We unknowingly aid this almost inevitable process through our constant contributions of personal information to these networks. Traverse the Internet network to uncover the information that was stolen from you!