Rabbit Kingdom

A four player competitive game. Players controls both above-ground humans and below-ground rabbits to inflict insanity on the other players.




Analog version created in the Fall 2010 Game Design Class (DESMA 157A), taught Eddo Stern
Digital version created in the Winter 2011 Game Development Class (DESMA 157B), taught Eddo Stern


Analog: Wood Digital: Unity


Heather Penn  :  Game Designer

Rabbit Kingdom is based on the short story Stone Animals by Kelly Link. For many of us the cellar represents the roots of the house, the connection to the earth, but also a mysterious and nightmarish place. In Stone Animals, the haunting of the house stems from the lack of a cellar, or rather, the roots of the house do not belong to the family, but a horde of rabbits, and the cosmic balance of the house is disturbed.

Rabbit Kingdom runs in cycles of day and night. During the day, the humans move on the surface level and drop haunted objects through holes to the rabbits; at night, the rabbits move underground to build tunnels, collect the objects, and inflict haunting on other players. As player become more haunted and draw closer to insanity (and being out of the game), they become more powerful and receive more special abilities, so that the most powerful player is the one closest to losing. Each human is a character from Stone Animals and has his or her own unique abilities based on the character’s roles and actions in the story.

The board game was adapted into video game form with some changes (for example: the three layers of the board game are placed by two layers in the video game; the giant stone rabbits are also removed from the video game).