Six-Page Dungeons

A Compendium of Virtual Tabletop Roleplaying Games created for the DESMA 157 Game Design Workshop in Fall 2020 at UCLA.




Created in the Fall 2020 Game Design Workshop (DESMA 157), taught by Eddo Stern




Students  :  Ainsleigh Douglas. Akemi Lucas. Alice Kim. Alyssa Zhu, Ariana Wang, Floria Huang. Jennie Wang. Julie Kim. Justin Shi. Kenyon Fonte. Kevin Tang. Michael Seh. Michelle Su. Zona Lia

This book collects the final projects created by students in the Game Design Workshop course during the Fall of 2020. The projects produced in the class are all playable systems—designed over 7 weeks, culminating in live multiplayer play sessions that were ‘run’ by the game creators on the online virtual tabletop platform Roll20 ( Each game creator performed the role of Game Master (AKA Dungeon Master or Judge) for their game—a difficult task combining acting, explaining rules, improvisation, and controlling the nonplayer game tokens and map elements as they are encountered.