Finding the correct type of birth control for you.




Created in the Fall 2014 Game Design class (DESMA 157), taught by Eddo Stern


birth control boxes, plastic carousel, laminated boyfriends


Casey Bradford  :  Game Designer

Oral contraceptives, also knows as “birth control pills” or “the pill”, are taken to prevent pregnancy and, when taken correctly, have a failure rate of about 1% per year. However, these pills have many negative side effects including:

– increased acne
– weight gain
– spotting (vaginal bleeding)
– decreased libido
– mood swings

Often changes in behavior or emotional stability can occur when a patient starts taking a certain type of oral contraceptive and every patient will react to medication differently. Based on real women, Hormonal-28 allows players to go through the journey of finding which oral contraceptive suits them best while avoiding negative side effects and not letting their side effects get in the way of their relationship.