Stay healthy and wealthy in the subsidized agricultural market longer than your opponents.




Game Design Lab project


Wood, plastic, paper


Noa Kaplan-Sears  :  Game Designer

This game was designed to illustrate the position that the agricultural subsidy system perpetuates poor health. Cards representing the game’s eight crops (corn, meat, rice, soy, sugar, tobacco, vegetables, and wheat) are distributed across the pyramid, each face of which determines a different aspect of the crop: health impact, production cost, income supplement, and market price. For example, according to how the cards were distributed, rice might be pricey to produce, heavily subsidized, yet have a dirt cheap market price and cause chronic illness.

These four aspects of a crop determine gameplay, as players can buy new products and collect the market value on the crops they choose to bring to market. Players also bid on the product cards brought to market, and the health impact of these purchased product cards determines the health of the player.

Players are out of the game when they run out of money or cards, or when they have accumulated four product cards with their health impact at the Hospitalized level. The player who survives the longest wins.