A game about a piece of decaying but fresh memory.




Created in the Winter 2022 Game Design Workshop (DESMA 157), taught by Eddo Stern


Wood, Plexi, Paper


Yama (Sihan) Li  :  Game design, concept, and visuals

“A game about a piece of decaying but fresh memory.” Drawing from my own experience and long-lasting nightmares, I created this game called “US.”. Sometimes, people in a close relationship, particularly friendship or romance relationship, might face quagmires where they hurt each other terribly with our without an intention. The connection between people might thus become precarious, which will simply be affected by what people do or say to each other. And sometimes, any word or action can be a burden to one another. The relationship might dooms to fall apart. This game aims to explore the relationship between two people who are emotionally bonded with. Inspired by the Cross, the balance scale, and the death by hanging, I created an installation as the execution platform, where you and your friend(partner) are hung on the cross waiting to be executed by each other. In this game, you can either punish your opponent or to yourself by hanging different “weapons” on the pawns. To win, you have to “drag” another player down to the “hell” shown as the hole on the platform.