Food Insecurity

Play as a low-income individual balancing money, health, and dependence while trying to meet your daily caloric requirements.




Created in the Winter 2013 Game Design Class (DESMA 157), taught Eddo Stern


Paper, Cards


Kelly Chu  :  Game Designer

Food insecurity is closer to home than we think. 1 of 6 Americans don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Many low-income families and individuals are struggling not only because they can’t afford food, but more importantly because they can’t afford healthy food.

Healthy food is expensive, highly perishable, and generally low-calorie while unhealthy food is cheap, tends to last longer, calorie-packed, and extremely innutritious. Food stamps, local food banks, and soup kitchens are available, but who really wants to be forever dependent on the government and community? Low-income Americans are living the health, social, and economic implications of the food system.

In Food Insecurity, you play as a low income individual. Your task is to purchase food everyday to meet your calorie intake requirement. The player with the most healthy points at the end of the game is the winner.