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Games as colors on canvas

French curator and artist Isabelle Arvers will be visiting the UCLA Game Lab for a 2 day hands-on Machinima workshop.


Eat Play Love

A unique take on the concept of a game jam, Eat, Play, Love took place over three days with one goal: to create a fully playable communal dinner.


Untitled Arcade

Arcade installation in Untitled Cafe! Grab a coffee and enjoy some cool games on our custom built arcade cabinets!

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Quick Time Event

Get inspired by the retro stylings and nostalgia of 90's full motion video games and participate in a three day intensive workshop/exhibition.


Punk Arcade

Punk Arcade is a videogame art exhibition and workshop inspired by rapid prototyping and DIY culture.


Church of Play

The Church of Play (CoP) is an experiment in establishing a spiritual community of players.


Joseph DeLappe

"I think if you can get inside someone’s head, and make the synapses shift for a second, then there’s something really valuable to that."


Chris Solarski on Art in Games

Chris Solarski, author of the new book Drawing Basics and Video Game Art: Classic to Cutting-Edge Art Techniques for Winning Video Game Design


2012 Game Art Festival

A two day festival of experimental games, demos, game art, performances, music and tournaments. Admission is free and open to the public!



SFXR is a free simple tool for generating lo-fi sound effects.


Joy To Key (PC)

This is a mini-review of a favorite tool for emulating the keyboard. An easy way to save keyboard emulation presets.


Walk Cycles

This tutorial will demonstrate a technique for animating walk cycles.