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Artist Talk by Marc Flury

Game Designer and co-creator of Thumper Marc Flury is visiting the Game Lab April 4th to share his creative process and give a demo of his project.

Artist Talk by Angela Washko

Washko is an artist, writer and facilitator devoted to creating new forums for discussions of feminism in the spaces most hostile toward it.

Games as colors on canvas

French curator and artist Isabelle Arvers will be visiting the UCLA Game Lab for a 2 day hands-on Machinima workshop.

Cyberpunk Fashion Show

Game Lab members designed, sewed, built, and makeupped their cyberpunk alter egos in just one weekend!

 RE4DY-2-W4RE: Modeling & Modeling

RE4DY-2-W4RE is a workshop and collaborative artwork in which participants receive a crash course in 3D modeling with Blender and create their own collection of semi-humanoid fashion.

Isla Hansen Presents

Visiting Artist in Residence Isla Hansen gave a presentation showcasing her body of work at the UCLA Game Lab.

Eat Play Love

A unique take on the concept of a game jam, Eat, Play, Love took place over three days with one goal: to create a fully playable communal dinner.

Untitled Arcade

Arcade installation in Untitled Cafe! Grab a coffee and enjoy some cool games on our custom built arcade cabinets!

Artist Talk: Tetsu Kondo

Tetsu Kondo gives an artist talk about his work, from drawing, software development, and installation to creating original musical instruments, both acoustic and digital.

Quick Time Event

Get inspired by the retro stylings and nostalgia of 90's full motion video games and participate in a three day intensive workshop/exhibition.

Punk Arcade

Punk Arcade is a videogame art exhibition and workshop inspired by rapid prototyping and DIY culture.

Church of Play

The Church of Play (CoP) is an experiment in establishing a spiritual community of players.

Joseph DeLappe

"I think if you can get inside someone’s head, and make the synapses shift for a second, then there’s something really valuable to that."

Chris Solarski on Art in Games

Chris Solarski, author of the new book Drawing Basics and Video Game Art: Classic to Cutting-Edge Art Techniques for Winning Video Game Design

2012 Game Art Festival

A two day festival of experimental games, demos, game art, performances, music and tournaments. Admission is free and open to the public!


SFXR is a free simple tool for generating lo-fi sound effects.

Joy To Key (PC)

This is a mini-review of a favorite tool for emulating the keyboard. An easy way to save keyboard emulation presets.

Walk Cycles

This tutorial will demonstrate a technique for animating walk cycles.