Jaroslav Svelch: Visiting Lecture

Jaroslav Švelch’s will discuss his book Player vs. Monster, which explores the history of video game monsters.


Tuesday, October 31st, 2023
12:30 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.


Located at Broad Art Center at the UCLA Game Lab room 3252

Based on Jaroslav Švelch’s recent book Player vs. Monster (MIT Press), this talk will explore the history of video game monsters as well as contemporary examples. While scholars of both myth and horror think of monstrosity as sublime and unspeakable, games often portray monsters as predictable targets of player action. While acknowledging the appeal of such simplistic representations, the talk will also explore how the medium can present more nuanced depictions of monstrosity. Join us this Halloween!

Jaroslav Švelch, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague. He is head of the Prague Game Production Studies group and chair of the DiGRA Central and Eastern Europe Chapter Executive Board.