The Thrill of Combat

The Thrill of Combat is a two player game of organ harvesting.




Personal project


Game Maker


Mark Essen  :  Game Designer

Pilot the helicopter or ride as gunnysurgeon. Take quick passes over the ground forces and immobilize all the footsoldiers, taking care not to fully disintegrate their bodies with the mounted LAZO. Turrets are extremely fortified but their heat seeking anti air missiles can be detonatied with a quick LAZO blast.

When the gunneysurgeon has analyzed the battlefield and taken out all threats he is to drop down and proceed to the nearest body and begin extracting organs while the pilot evades missile fire. Special care must be taken by the gunneysurgeon not to cut into the organ being extracted– once the surrounding tissue is cut away it will pop right out.

The pilot then lowers the winch, snags the gunneysurgeon, and pulls him back aboard. Maneuver over the organ storage on the ship’s bow, jettesen the organs, and make a safe landing.

The game ends when all quotas are met.