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Braxton Soderman: VISITING LECTURE

Braxton Soderman will first discuss some of his previous work surrounding Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s concept of flow, as it applies to video games and beyond.

Potluck and Playtest

POTLUCK / PLAYTEST, a hybrid event, bring an analog or digital game that you are working on as well as a food dish to share for the potluck!

Puppet Jam

PUPPET JAM!, a game-jam-style event to work together to create our own puppet games and puppet vignettes.

Winter Arcade

Winter Arcade, showcases student projects from multiple Design Media Arts classes this quarter, including Game Design, Game Engine, and Interactive Animation classes.

Christopher Bishop: Artist Talk

Christopher Bishop is an artist and animator living in Los Angeles, currently working as an animation supervisor at That Game Company (Journey, Flower, Sky).

Dorf Club

Dwarf Fortress is an incredibly deep fantasy world simulation where you help guide a group of dwarves to build a thriving city

Music Engine Ensemble

John Brumley will bring some instruments. You'll learn how to play them, change the sounds to make them your own, and even how to dismantle and modify them.

Angela Washko: Artist Talk

Angela Washko, artist and Associate Professor of Art at Carnegie Mellon University—and a longtime friend of the UCLA Game Lab—will join us as a Research Fellow this spring.

Yeah! Music! Workshop

A three-part music workshop led by Jenna Caravello, Michael Luo, and Hua Chai. This workshop will introduce participants to some methods and processes for producing music.

Mike Pondsmith: visiting Lecture

Mike Pondsmith is a renowned tabletop and videogame designer and publisher, perhaps best known as the creator of the groundbreaking role-playing game Cyberpunk.

Patrick Michael Ballard: Artist Talk

Patrick Michael Ballard is a Los Angeles based artist and fool-magician that primarily orchestrates secrets and surprises in immersive theater and interactive sculpture games.

Zedeck Siew: ARTIST TALK

Zedeck Siew presents a talk about the ways he handles language and representation as a writer creating from a Southeast Asian context in an Anglo-centric market. 

Serenity Westfield

Serenity Westfield, Community Manager at NISEI, will present a talk about diversity in Cyberpunk, Netrunner & NISEI.

Hacking Your First RPG

We’ll introduce ways of making characters and do some worldbuilding, in the end, you’ll be well on your way to making a one-page roleplaying game.

Sabine Harrer: Artist Talk

Sabine Harrer is an experimental game maker, scholar, and writer, who uses videogames to reframe, challenge, and queer norms around desire and intimacy.

Show && Tell with Nick Crockett

This week, Show && Tell invites Nick Crockett to take us behind the scenes of his animated fantasy, Fire Underground. Fire Underground inspired by the industrial history of Appalachia.

Nick Crockett: Artist Talk

Nick Crockett is a teacher, artist, animator, and game developer from the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Show && Tell Club
with Lena NW

Show && Tell Club is a place for game makers to present and discuss their process of creative game making in detail with each other.

Show && Tell Club

This week, Show && Tell Club will feature Game Lab residents Wenrui Zhang, Elsie Wang & Michael Luo will be sharing projects in the lab.

UCLA Game Lab @ Refest 2019

CultureHub's Refest is to bring artists, activists, and technologists together to explore our role in re-shaping the future.

Ahmed El Shaer: Artist Talk

Fulbright Scholar and Visiting researcher Ahmed El Shaer is giving an artist talk at the game lab on October 31st, 2018 from 12:15 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Marc Flury: Artist Talk

Game Designer and co-creator of Thumper Marc Flury is visiting the Game Lab April 4th to share his creative process and give a demo of his project.

Angela Washko: Artist Talk

Washko is an artist, writer and facilitator devoted to creating new forums for feminism in the spaces most hostile toward it.

Mark Essen: Artist Talk

Mark Essen, an independent game designer and artist, discusses his work, including "Flywrench" and "Nidhogg".

Cyberpunk Fashion Show

Game Lab members designed, sewed, built, and makeupped their cyberpunk alter egos in just one weekend!

 RE4DY-2-W4RE: Modeling & Modeling

A workshop and collaborative artwork where participants receive a crash course in 3D modeling with Blender and create their own collection of semi-humanoid fashion.

Isla Hansen: Artist Talk

Visiting Artist in Residence Isla Hansen gave a presentation showcasing her body of work at the UCLA Game Lab.

Eat Play Love

A unique take on the concept of a game jam, Eat, Play, Love took place over three days with one goal: to create a fully playable communal dinner.

Philip Scott: Game Poems

Learn about and create game poems, short experiences that extend the emotion and structure of poetry to game making.

Untitled Arcade

Arcade installation in Untitled Cafe! Grab a coffee and enjoy some cool games on our custom built arcade cabinets!

Tetsu Kondo: Artist Talk

Tetsu Kondo gives an artist talk about his work, from drawing, software development, and installation to creating original musical instruments, both acoustic and digital.

Quick Time Event

Get inspired by the retro stylings and nostalgia of 90's full motion video games and participate in a three day intensive workshop/exhibition.

Punk Arcade

Punk Arcade is a videogame art exhibition and workshop inspired by rapid prototyping and DIY culture.

Unity Club

Want to develop your video game design skills? Join the Unity Club!

Joseph DeLappe: Artist Talk

"If you can get inside someone’s head, and make the synapses shift for a second, then there’s something really valuable to that."

Chris Solarski: Art In Games

Chris Solarski, author of the book Drawing Basics and Video Game Art: Classic to Cutting-Edge Art Techniques for Winning Video Game Design

2012 Game Art Festival

A two day festival of experimental games, demos, game art, performances, music and tournaments. Admission is free and open to the public!