Play Russian Roulette against Brandon with a six-barreled revolver.




Independent project


Shot with Canon XL1, Editted with custom software written in Java, Programmed in Python.


Peter Lu  :  Designer, Programmer
Jake Parker  :  Brandon
Simon Wiscombe  :  Script, Director

In this game, you play Russian Roulette against a computer opponent. At its core it’s a skin on a game of chance, equivalent to rolling a dice with progressively fewer sides. However, there are some time-based events that maintain the realism of the skin – the computer opponent plays differently based on how the player acts. Waiting too long to start can cause the opponent to become impatient and go first, or even take the gun himself and shoot the player. This is a thematically enforced time limit to ensure the game progresses. If the human player is killed, the screen immediately goes black and eventually transitions into a “Continue” screen where players have an option to play again. The game is meant to satire the notion of “restarting” and the conventional underplay of death in video games, as well as experiment with fear and tension.