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Mnemosyne [nee-mos-uh-nee] - the goddess of memory.

Holla Pain Yo

Holla' Pain Yo is a competitive game in which two teams lighten a seesaw by drinking jalapeƱo water through a tube.

Phantasm Atlas

Phantasm Atlas is an interactive video installation re-imagining our bodily anatomy.

Rotato Chipz

A little game inspired by Clu Clu Land and Power Stone Wars. The graphics are photographs of found objects and wadded up paper sculptures.

Ddook Ddak Kimbap!

Two teams attempt to build a spring roll by stealing ingredients out from underneath the Dokkaebi's tentacles.

I’m So Glad You Came

Players use a lifecasted, penis-shaped, sperm-shooting joystick in order to move a matching penis on screen and fertilize objects.


A virtual reality environment highlighting the atrocities of nuclear weaponry.


A custom game controller for Mark Essen's NIDHOGG

DS Bluetooth

Enable your Nintendo DS to communicate with countless other devices via Bluetooth.