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Mnemosyne [nee-mos-uh-nee] - the goddess of memory.

Holla Pain Yo

Holla' Pain Yo is a competitive game in which two teams lighten a seesaw by drinking jalapeƱo water through a tube.

Phantasm Atlas

Phantasm Atlas is an interactive video installation re-imagining our bodily anatomy.

Ddook Ddak Kimbap!

Two teams attempt to build a spring roll by stealing ingredients out from underneath the Dokkaebi's tentacles.

I’m So Glad You Came

Players use a lifecasted, penis-shaped, sperm-shooting joystick in order to move a matching penis on screen and fertilize objects.


A virtual reality environment highlighting the atrocities of nuclear weaponry.

DS Bluetooth

Enable your Nintendo DS to communicate with countless other devices via Bluetooth.