Rhythm Game

A sight-reading music game using overhead projection and the Arduino controller to create an immersive interface




Created for Winter 2009 Game Design Class (DESMA 157A), taught by Eddo Stern


Arduino, Piezo Sensors, Processing, Digital Projector, Drums


George Michael Brower  :  Game Designer & Programmer

Two drums are custom outfitted with piezo sensors to detect a player’s input. The game is controlled using custom software written in Processing. The software is able to rate the musical accuracy of a user’s input, and adjusts a “reward spectacle” accordingly. A “combo counter” is responsible for displaying the number of consecutively scored notes.

One element of the game left unfinished is a “call and response” or “volley” mechanic. Certain phrases, if completed in their entirety, are “volleyed” to one’s opponent, who sits across the playing field. The desired effect is to create a sense of “echo” or musical interaction, deviating from the prevailing linear structure of sight-reading rhythm games.