Maybe Love!

"Maybe Love! is a narrative game featuring three mini arcade games. It follows a hopeless romantic's journey into a new relationship.




Created in the Spring 2023 Senior Projects: Interactivity & Games class (DESMA 159-1), taught by Jenna Caravello


Unity, Wood, Paint, 3d Printing, Electronics


Katie Kang  :  Game design, concept, visuals, and programming

Maybe Love! is a narrative game with three mini arcade games embedded throughout its story about a hopeless romantic’s venture into a budding relationship while learning how self-love and strong female friendships help her overcome her hopelessness and emerge at the end of the story as a hopeful romantic, both towards her relationship as well as her life in general.

In collaboration with UIUX designer and UCLA alumni, Elena Koo, on the concept, story, themes, and outline of the project. Music written by Annabelle Hendrickson. Co-Produced by Annabelle Hendrickson and Andrew Schechter. Special thanks to Jonathan Cecil, Laurie MacDonald, Ariel Uzal, Eunice Choi, and UCLA Game Lab.