UCLA Game Lab Arcade Backpack Blueprints

Step-by-step instructions for building your own Game Lab Arcade Backpack.




A Game Lab original


Wood, Arcade Controls, LED Marquee, Laptop


David Elliott  :  Concept, Design & Construction
Steven Amrhein  :  Concept, Design & Construction
Eddo Stern  :  Concept & Design
Tyler Stefanich  :  Design & Construction
Alex Rickett  :  Software Engineer
Jen Agosta  :  Design & Construction

Full blueprint for the UCLA Game Lab Arcade Backpack. Features illustrated step-by-step instructions and a materials list. These blueprints will help guide your arcade backpack project – be sure to show us what you make!

A Brief Background on the Backpack:

The Arcade Backpack was created to infiltrate public space. Ironically, the backpack’s debut at the 2nd Annual UCLA Game Art Festival was so successful in infiltrating our own event that it stole the show and has become the most popular above ground game lab project.

The cabinet frame is constructed of lasercut plywood and assembled to house a laptop, arcade style controls, and an LED Marquee powered by a drill battery. The entire cabinet is holstered onto a military grade back frame and can be adjusted to fit comfortably on any unsuspecting Game Lab resident.

Check out some Backpack variations below. Good luck!