All My Confusing Pets: A Mixed Reality Performance

Tolva and the Useful Balloon Cult present A Mixed Reality Performance




Created in the Winter 2018 Escapism: Introduction to Virtual Reality class (DESMA 160), taught by Theo Triantafyllidis


Unity3d, Perception Neuron MOCAP system, HTC Vive


Organized by  :  Sara Drake & Theo Triantafyllidis

Space Princess Tolva will be your guide on the deepest youtube binge of your life. Prepare yourself for a life-changing, mind-altering, mixed reality performance. Don’t miss the chance to meet this troupe of bizarre characters from around the universe. Watch as they perform acts of bravery, comedy and awkwardness.


Tolva: Sam Congdon

The Useful Balloon Cult are: Azzam Hajar Abdulmajid, Bhanu Nidhi Hemant, Jessica Cao, Golinsky Anna, He Carrie (Jiahui), Kim Dong Hye, Anastasia Davydova Lewis, Ling Marisa, Nate Mohler, Niu Kay, Park Hannah, Park Yoon Hwa, Rahadian Bryant Ismail, Schell Julia Nicole, Suh Hae Jin, Wang Elsie (Sirui), Aaron Yih, Kirby Kit, Stein Julian