Mnemosyne [nee-mos-uh-nee] - the goddess of memory.




Created as a self-directed project for UCLA Creative Labs.


Unity, C#, Vuforia, custom clothings and VR markers


Jules Kris  :  Project Lead
Sara Haas  :  Production
Shirley Xuemin He  :  Sewing
Irene Wang  :  Sewing
Pallavi Samodia  :  Research

Mnemosyne is a fashion collection that turns dresses into Augmented Reality artifacts. Each piece features patterns that trigger 3D models when scanned with a smartphone. In one pocket, you’ll find your first concert ticket, in another you’ll find your long-lost Tamagotchi.

Mnemosyne features an app made in Unity and a lookbook.

Dresses feature patterns that trigger graphics that hint at the history of the garment. Users can see the life cycle of a Tamagotchi, or lipstick graffiti once scribbled on a wall.

We created 3D models of objects that triggered childhood nostalgia, and 2D illustrations that visualized their backstories. I interviewed peers to draw inspiration from real memories, and was delighted by the intersections of our experiences.

Stories included showing off Tamagotchis at school, losing sunglasses in the ocean while on summer vacation, seeing lipstick graffiti on a bathroom mirror, and pulling on a cassette tape until it unraveled.

Since the 3D models spawn from patterns on the dresses, we searched for AR libraries that would allow us to create custom markers. We used Vuforia for Unity because of the ease of use and the ability to customize interactions and animations in C#.

We created a lookbook to catalogue the collection.

We expressed the idea of the digital AR interactions in print by using removable stickers and product photography.