Body Hack

An interactive game performance system where users match their bodies to iconic poses in pop culture.




This game was made as part of a graduate research project in the UCLA Design Media Arts department.


Custom camera vision software


Erik Siu  :  Game Designer

Body Hack allows players to hack iconic cinematic or televisual figures with their own body and their on-screen double. The system serves and exaggerates the desire of being someone famous in a cinematic environment. Players find themselves dancing like Michael Jackson or Madonna, performing Bruce Lee’s Nunchaku move, slam dunking like Michael Jordon, walking like John Wayne or starring on stage like The Rolling Stones.

To perform a body hack, the player watches a movie clip, which then pauses at the moment an iconic action or sequence. Then user consciously and continuously attempts to imitate the movie character’s movement in order to “play” the movie: for example, in a martial arts film, the performer Bruce Lee punches, and the user matches his punch for punch. Failure to simulate the actions exactly will pause the movie again. Body Hack encourages the player to think about the body and its relationship with the media.