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Game Prostheses

A collection of six game prostheses designed to be worn by an LG VS840 4G LTE phone.

Pixel | Antipixel

Source footage from the 2D arcade game Battle Garegga is rendered as a 3D volume by slicing up the original footage and then layering it on top of itself dozens of times.

Messlife is a virtual DIY artspace in the tradition of warehouse art spaces and alternative venues.


"Junk" is game based on William S. Burrough's essay "Deposition: Testimony Concerning a Sickness" that compares drug use to capitalism.

One cup of juice

One cup of juice is a game that converts a two person human relationship into an orange juicing machine.


A virtual reality environment highlighting the atrocities of nuclear weaponry.

Fromage à Trois

A magic cart opens a portal to an alien sky on your ceiling. Save the falling cheese beings!

Hull Loss

Participants make paper airplanes and launch them through a series of mechanically animated scissors.