Cos-Mo Cap Astrodrome America

An Omnidimensional Countergravitational Live System for Hyperterrestrial Synthesized Telecomputational Motion Capture.




Game Art Festival


Unity3d, puppets, morphsuits


Isla Hansen  :  Game Designer and Puppeteer
Tucker Marder, Miller Klitsner, Andrea Vitali  :  Puppeteers
Elwin Martin, Sam Marton, Virginia Pettis, and Bijan Eghtesady  :  UCLA Game Music Ensemble

Cos-Mo Cap Astrodrome America is a live multiplayer game performed on stage. As players battle against gravity, their performances are mediated through a motion capture system that challenges the typical interactive relationship between player and screen. Accompanied by live music and real-time analog graphics, the Cos-Mo Cap Astrodrome America system suggests an alternative to the Central Processing Unit as we know it.