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Sabine Harrer: Artist Talk

Sabine Harrer is an experimental game maker, scholar, and writer, who uses videogames to reframe, challenge, and queer norms around desire and intimacy.

Nick Crockett: Artist Talk

Nick Crockett is a teacher, artist, animator, and game developer from the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Ahmed El Shaer: Artist Talk

Fulbright Scholar and Visiting researcher Ahmed El Shaer is giving an artist talk at the game lab on October 31st, 2018 from 12:15 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Marc Flury: Artist Talk

Game Designer and co-creator of Thumper Marc Flury is visiting the Game Lab April 4th to share his creative process and give a demo of his project.

Angela Washko: Artist Talk

Washko is an artist, writer and facilitator devoted to creating new forums for feminism in the spaces most hostile toward it.

Mark Essen: Artist Talk

Mark Essen, an independent game designer and artist, discusses his work, including "Flywrench" and "Nidhogg".

Isla Hansen: Artist Talk

Visiting Artist in Residence Isla Hansen gave a presentation showcasing her body of work at the UCLA Game Lab.

Philip Scott: Game Poems

Learn about and create game poems, short experiences that extend the emotion and structure of poetry to game making.

Tetsu Kondo: Artist Talk

Tetsu Kondo gives an artist talk about his work, from drawing, software development, and installation to creating original musical instruments, both acoustic and digital.

Joseph DeLappe: Artist Talk

"If you can get inside someone’s head, and make the synapses shift for a second, then there’s something really valuable to that."

Chris Solarski: Art In Games

Chris Solarski, author of the book Drawing Basics and Video Game Art: Classic to Cutting-Edge Art Techniques for Winning Video Game Design