Knights of Cydonia

Help the riders fight off the baddies and protect their stagecoach full of gold.




Created for Winter 2010 Game Development Class (DMA 157B), taught by Eddo Stern


Unity 3D


Steven Amrhein  :  Game Design
Zev Solomon  :  Game Design

Knights of Cydonia is a two-player game in which each player controls one rider. The riders must protect their stagecoach full of gold from the onslaught of attackers without being killed themselves. The attackers, consisting of cacti, mechanical bulls, and Molotov cocktail-wielding men, shoot or bomb the stagecoach unless the riders stop them with their pistols first. Additionally, by riding close to each other, the riders can use their lassos to partially shield themselves from explosions. They must outlast the wave of enemies and destroy the final robotic boss in order to keep their gold.

This game is part of the class music video game project, where students made games that both interpret songs of their choosing in a novel way and last the exact duration of the song.

Play Knights of Cydonia here. (works best on Windows)