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Potluck and Playtest

POTLUCK / PLAYTEST, a hybrid event, bring an analog or digital game that you are working on as well as a food dish to share for the potluck!

Dorf Club

Dwarf Fortress is an incredibly deep fantasy world simulation where you help guide a group of dwarves to build a thriving city

Music Engine Ensemble

John Brumley will bring some instruments. You'll learn how to play them, change the sounds to make them your own, and even how to dismantle and modify them.

Yeah! Music! Workshop

A three-part music workshop led by Jenna Caravello, Michael Luo, and Hua Chai. This workshop will introduce participants to some methods and processes for producing music.

Hacking Your First RPG

We’ll introduce ways of making characters and do some worldbuilding, in the end, you’ll be well on your way to making a one-page roleplaying game.

Cyberpunk Fashion Show

Game Lab members designed, sewed, built, and makeupped their cyberpunk alter egos in just one weekend!

 RE4DY-2-W4RE: Modeling & Modeling

A workshop and collaborative artwork where participants receive a crash course in 3D modeling with Blender and create their own collection of semi-humanoid fashion.

Eat Play Love

A unique take on the concept of a game jam, Eat, Play, Love took place over three days with one goal: to create a fully playable communal dinner.

Unity Club

Want to develop your video game design skills? Join the Unity Club!