Play through five interconnected levels of Lewis Carroll's poem, getting new perspective on the world with each level.




Created in the Winter 2010 Games Development Class (DESMA 157B), taught Eddo Stern


Unity 3D


Gleb Denisov  :  Game Design
Jasleen Singh  :  Game Design

Jabberwocky is a five level multiplayer networked game based on the eponymous Lewis Carroll poem. Each pair of consecutive levels is interconnected – that is, the actions and goals of the players on a higher level directly affect players on the level below. For example, players navigating the first stage (as slithy toves) can jump in the air to temporarily see the whole maze they must navigate, and sometimes find themselves mysteriously killed; this is because by jumping, they make themselves vulnerable to players already on the second level (as Jubjub birds), whose goal is to catch the toves. This only becomes clear once the player has reached the second level. Meanwhile, however, the samurai on level three can steal the caught fish from the Jubjub birds, and so on. Players progress through five levels in this way to eventually reach the final showdown between the Jabberwock and the samurai.