An attractive game for attractive people.




Independent Project




A.M. Darke  :  Game Designer

Objectif is a party game for attractive people, by attractive people, about attractive people – but it’s so much more than that.

Objectif is a game for everyone, showcasing an inclusive cast of beautiful, hand-drawn characters across a spectrum of gender, culture, race, and ethnicity. We want to represent folks that look like you, or your friends, or at least, really good looking strangers.

Objectif is all about choice and persuasion. Who do you think is most attractive, sophisticated, loyal, or trustworthy? Can you guess what your friends think? Better, yet, can you convince them to see things your way?

Here’s how to play: Each round, one player acts as the Objectif Eye, or judge, and plays a description card (e.g. attractive, loyal) from the deck. Other players compete to play a card that best fits the description, according to the Objectif Eye. The Objectif Eye has to talk about their reaction to the cards and give players a chance to persuade their way to victory.

Objectif is all about conversation, revealing what we like and why. It all comes down to knowing what to say and when to say it. So listen up, and make your case for the best face!