Cosmic Cardinal Catching

Catch enough cardinals to get the monkey's spaceship airborne again.




Created as a part of "Space Monkey," the final project for Interactive Media 2 (DESMA C152B/252B), taught Eddo Stern


Unity, Arduino, custom electronics, mixed media


Cindy Fangway  :  Game Design
Matt Miller  :  Game Design

Cosmic Cardinal Catching is part of Space Monkey, a collection of games that combine traditional controls and gameplay with physical performance and costume interfaces.

A monkey crash lands on a planet and must catch enough cardinals to help him fly his ship off the ground. The actors can help the monkey by controlling the wind to send the birds in his direction. While the player controls bubbles on screen to ensnare the birds, the actors move around the stage and cooperatively operate a bellows-like contraption. Flex sensors in the contraption are used to measure the speed at which the actors pump the bellows and the direction in which it’s pointed, both of which influence the wind properties in the game.