Perfect Woman

Be as perfect as possible!




Perfect Woman started as a collaboration between Lea Schoenfelder and Peter Lu in 2012. The game is currently being developed for the Xbox One but a PC/Mac version has already been shown at several festivals.


Kinect, Unity3d


Lea Schoenfelder  :  Art, Design
Peter Lu  :  Programming, Design

Perfect Woman is a game inspired by the ubiquitous personality questionnaires featured in women’s magazines and the female roles they define. There are so many such roles emphasizing aspects of family, career, experience, sex and more. But these can not possibly characterize the depth and complexity of a woman’s life. Perfect Woman uses these stereotypes as building blocks for you to be your OWN perfect woman.

You build your own Perfect Woman story by choosing and performing a diverse cast of fun and interesting characters across seven different stages of your life. While certain life choices may be more or less difficult than others, it’s up to you to decide what’s best for yourself. The game is structured into progressive levels, each one representing a different stage in a woman’s life. Starting as a fetus in your mother’s womb, players must perform in front of a Kinect to mimic various poses that appear on screen as a means of acting as that character.

Perfect Woman is a game about celebrating diversity and choice rather than condemning conformity. We hope to extend this philosophy outside of the game as well as we see games as a medium to promote acceptance, personal growth, community and love.

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