Space Dander

Players inhabit the Herms, creatures of light that guide the evening star Hesper across the astral plane to the Perpetual.




Created in the Winter 2018 Worldbuilding class (DESMA 171), taught by Eddo Stern




LO5  :  Game Designer

Play as one of the Herms, transporting and protecting Hesper, the evening star, through the Space Dander, across the astral Plane, and to the Perpetual. Throughout your travels, Hesper’s source of energy, the sands of time, gradually decrease, and she needs to get to the Perpetual before they do… While guiding Hesper towards the Perpetual, the Herms collect more sands of time from the Bibs, creatures of light and space that roam the Plane. The Bibs intermittently emit temporal anomalies, or shockwaves; if one hits a Herm, the Herm gets slipped into an alternate dimension for several moments and then reappears with Hesper. But if Hesper gets caught by a temporal shockwave or falls into the abyss, both Hesper and the Herms are sent back the origin, and they must begin their journey again. The players control the Herms with their mobile devices and must self organize to simultaneously keep Hesper glowing with the sands of time and guide her to the Perpetual. All of this is sequenced to music and sounds, and the Plane shifts and illuminates with the music.