• If caring becomes owning, and owning becomes tiring

    Examine systems of care in video games that feed on attachment and ownership.

  • Maybe Love!

    "Maybe Love! is a narrative game featuring three mini arcade games. It follows a hopeless romantic's journey into a new relationship.

  • Queer Leap

    Queer Leap is a thematically and mechanically queer 3d platform game inspired by the quantum leap phenomenon.

  • Mud Room

    I’m slowly turning my family into a dungeon. Mud Room is a peek into a room in that dungeon.

  • Space Echo

    Space Echo is a multiplayer VR installation about how humans and artificial intelligence perceive the world and how they interact with their own kind and with each other.

  • Grandma’s Ocean

    3 women in 3 different time periods. Their generation connection cycles through different political influences, carrying love, trauma, and tattered ideas of home.

  • UserID

    ** Warning: Strobing images, mild body horror ** userID is a puzzle game and narrative exploration of identity.


A journey of undergoing treatment for eating disorders, focusing on anorexia and orthorexia.