Sparkfun Hangman

Two versions of hangman, one using a dial and one using colors and switches.




These games were made for Interactive Media 2 (DMA 252B).


Arduino, electronics, plastic, wood, paper, cardboard, wire


Min Choi  :  Game Designer

In the first version of hangman, players turn the wooden knob to indicate their letter guess, then press the red button. In the case of a correct guess, small LEDs indicate the position of the letter in the word, and players keep track by picking one of the letters attached to the wires and placing it in its correct position. Incorrect guesses cause the counter to go down from a smiling face to a frowning face.

In the second version of hangman, players guess letters with a series of five switches.  Each letter correlates to a unique combination of five colors; players enter their guess by toggling each color’s switch to match them up to the colors of the letter they want to guess. When they press the center button, if the guess is correct the board’s LEDs will flash green a number of times that indicates the letters position in the secret word; if the guess is incorrect, the LEDs will flash red a number of times that indicates how many guesses the player has left before losing.