Cryptoid Blues

Your typical 8 foot 7 elusive male yeti.




Independent project. 2012.




Adeline Ducker  :  Artist, Animator & Game Designer
Steven Amrhein  :  Programmer & Game Designer
Garrett Johnson  :  Programmer & Game Designer
Mr Spastic  :  Music

Meet Barrington B. Foot,
Your typical 8 foot 7 elusive male yeti.
Barri must escape a mob of hikers who are trying to gather enough photographic evidence of him in order to settle the bigfoot debate once and for all. Moving quickly, he must gather various raw materials in order to create makeshift traps aimed at whittling his pursuers down. If Barri can make it back to his secret cave in the mountains – all is well until another day…

Cryptoid Blues is a roguelike game that has been baking for several months under development. It features crafting elements inspired by Minecraft whipped together with a few tablespoons of tower defense and traditional platforming.