Burn and Turn

Capture the princesses and defend your tower - available on several mobile platforms!




Initiated as an experimental quickie, became a full featured game.


Built in c++ for the following platforms: -Arcade (trackball) -iPad and other tablet-like devices -laptop w/ trackpad.


Anton Bobkov  :  Programmer, Designer, Rogue Artist
Peter Lu  :  Artist, Designer, Sound, Rogue Programmer
Alex Rickett  :  Music, Programmer

Burn & Turn puts a twist on the classic knight in shining armor saving a damsel in distress. In Burn & Turn, you play as a dragon capturing princesses while defending your tower from knights and other medieval fan fare. Traders will drop powerups that stack and combine to create devastating effects. Kill! Capture! Loot!

Burn and Turn is available for several mobile platforms:

iOs: view here

Andriod Appstore: view here

Amazon Appstore (Kindle Fire): view here

Blackberry Appstore (Playbook): view here