Bayt Beaut: House of All Houses

a virtual reality game that immerses the player into a Middle Eastern household.




Created Winter and Spring 2019 for the first UCLA Game Lab Undergraduate Design and Development Research Fellowship. The project was advised by Theo Triantafyllidis.




Haja Azzam  :  Game Designer
Regina Wang  :  Game Designer

See the world through the eyes of Nawar, our female Arab protagonist, as she matures and makes important life decisions under the scrutiny of her endearing family. Bayt Beaut, a virtual reality role-playing game, explores the dynamics of Arab families by unfolding the complicated layers of love, protection and pride. By living through various stages in Narwar’s life and engaging in conversations with family members, the game ultimately challenges Arab stereotypes and addresses gender bias by putting the western views of oppression of Arab women into perspective.