Unity Workshop Aftermath

Posted on December 7th, 2011
by Jonathan Cecil

Hey everyone, this is Jonathan and I’m going to go over the events that took place in the Unity Workshop. I had also participated in the workshop, although it was unfortunate that Justin was unable to attend the event. My version of the Angry Turds 3 template can be found at the end of the post as an example of what users created, covering all aspects except particle effects.

Five days ago on the December 2, the UCLA Game Lab hosted a 5-hour Unity Workshop event in room 4230, a hands-on basic Unity lesson open to all participants regardless of their experience with Unity and game design.

Under the instruction of Game Lab representative Peter Lu, students in the workshop were given lessons on the basic and fundamental elements of Unity, along with navigating through the graphical user interface. Aspects covered in the session included but not limited to the parent-child relationship of objects through the heirarchy, the creation of new objects in the 3D space and giving them defining components, and application of physics in the game environment. By utilizing a custom-made Angry Birds template called Angry Turds 3, users were able to explore and experiment aspects in the real-time scene. By the end of the session, all participants had designed their own custom ‘level’ on the Angry Turds 3 template, whether it was adjusting the masses of the objects, adding special particle effects, or changing the physical appearance of the ammunition.

As a reminder, approaching in the next few days on December 9 is the Game Maker Workshop event, also hosted by the UCLA Game Lab and instructed by Mark Essen. Like the Unity Workshop, participants explore the basics and fundamental elements of a game design engine, Game Maker, specialzied in the creation of 2D game platforms as opposed to Unity’s creation of 3D platforms. The workshop starts at 5:30 PM while ending at a undetermined time; users can anticipate the event duration spanning from two to five hours.

The UCLA Game Lab would like to thank those who attended the Unity Workshop, and they look forward to seeing everyone on Friday.

Refer to this link for more official information regarding the Game Maker Workshop: http://games.ucla.edu/blog/game-maker-workshop-2d-games-made-easy/

Below is the Angry Turds 3 template I constructed during the Unity Workshop. This is not an image, but rather a built-in simulation player, meaning you can play the game.

OBJECTIVE: Using 6 projectiles, knock out the 4 colored cubes by either shooting projectiles directly at them or collapsing the structure that holds them.
[WP_UnityObject src=”http://games.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/webturds2.unity3d” width=”640″ height=”480″/]

– The red knob is a lever — you can use it to aim higher or lower should you feel the need to do so.
– To load, click and hold onto the projectile, but do not release.
– To aim, you must first load the projectile. After, you can move your cursor around the screen.
– To shoot, release your hold of the projectile…