Internship Week 3 – Processing and Scripting

Posted on March 23rd, 2012
by Jonathan Cecil

In the past few days, we’ve spent time observing scripts in C# and JavaScript, learning about some of the basic albeit keystone terminology utilized in scripting languages. Below are a few of the terms covered for the week.

Int; short for integer.
Float; a non-whole number, a decimal.
String; an object, may contain characters.
Var; short for variable, can contain data.
Array; a list, can contain data.
Flow of control; order of command execution.
If/Then/Else; conditional statement, leading to ‘something’.
Operators; mathematical operation signs and symbols (e.g. ==, >=, ect.)

We’re beginning to delve into Processing as well, an open source language specializing in image creation, so that we can further understand scripting in general. Practice began by drawing examples from the program itself and analyzing the code imbedded in each instance. We were asked to create a maze-based game through Processing, but ran out of time through practice before we could get any work on it. A working project of it may be finished by next week, and will be included in the next upcoming week.