Death Guess

A less convenient form of analog hangman.




Created in the Spring 2011 Interactive Media 2 Class (DESMA 152B/252B), taught Eddo Stern


Arduino, wood, electronics


Dawson Dill  :  Game Designer

In this dial-based version of hangman entitled Death Guess, players turn a knob (the face’s left eye) to choose the letter they wish to guess. Once the guess button is pressed (the face’s right eye), a correct guess displays the position of the letter in the word, which is indicated on the upper dots dial. This dial also displays the current distribution of guessed letters in the five-letter word by way of filled in and empty dots.

If a player guesses a letter previously guessed, the lower gallows dial indicates “already guessed” and the dots dial turns to remind the player of the position of the letter.

An incorrect guess causes the gallows dial to turn and indicate how many guesses remain before the player loses the game.