Scott Stoddard: Artist Talk and Workshop

The UCLA GAME LAB presents a lecture and workshop with Scott Stoddard, creator of the web phenomenon Robot Unicorn Attack.


Thursday, February 17, 2011
5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.


Located at Broad Art Center at the UCLA Game Lab room 3252

The UCLA GAME LAB presents Scott Stoddard, the creator of the web phenomenon Robot Unicorn Attack.

With over 35 million plays online, the game has inspired people around the world to create thousands of fan art images, YouTube movies, homemade costumes, and custom plush toys. Robot Unicorn’s use of Erasure’s song “Always” made it their most popular track on iTunes and YouTube.

Scott’s games are inspired by a life long love of video games and an eclectic mix of unusual passions from a 600+ rubber shark collection to a so-bad-it’s-good art blog, and years of training in Brazilian Capoeira. Adding programming to a traditional art background, he uses both sides of the brain to bring his designs to life.

Scott is currently putting his art and martial arts skills to work at Epic-owned ChAIR Entertainment where he handled animation and motion capture performance for the heavily awarded iOS hit Infinity Blade.

See part of Scott’s lecture below, where he talks about the application of flow theory to his development of Robot Unicorn Attack.

The topic of the workshop is the application of flow theory to game design. Participants will learn about and discuss flow and gameplay before dividing into group and applying flow theory to improve a game of their choice. Presentation and discussion of the results will follow.

Read our interview with Scott!