F You, I’m Happy With Me: A Game About Selfies and Self-Love




Winter 2016 DMA 157: Game Design with Eddo Stern


Acrylic board, heavy paper


Sara Haas  :  Game Designer

Selfies can be a valuable tool for practicing self-love, yet society expects women to walk an impossible tightrope between having an appropriate level of confidence and being vain. There is no “respectable” selfie that a woman can post without opening herself up to slut shaming, accusations of conceit, insults about her appearance and character, and more. “F You, I’m Happy With Me” is a game that throws out the idea that selfies are shallow and instead embraces them as a powerful component of a woman’s journey to self-confidence. Three selfie-taking women compete against one troll, who insults their pictures and character to gain points. Each woman tries to be the first to complete her quest for self-confidence while helping her fellow women battle the troll. Players switch rolls each round, so all players experience the pressures and rewards of being a female selfie-taker as well as the cruelty of playing as a troll. Players leave the game with a fantastic new set of selfies on their phone, and a new understanding of the complicated and radical implications of embracing the selfie.