Deiti II - Deiti Gameplay Detail


Detonate all the angry deities by arranging chain reactions.




Created as the final project for Game Design Workshop 2 (DMA 157B) with Professor Eddo Stern.


Unity 3D


Gleb Denisov  :  Game Designer, Programmer
Pinar Yoldas  :  Game Artist
Alex Schleider  :  Programmer

Deiti II is a one-player puzzle game. The masks represent angry deities with destructive powers; the player’s goal is to arrange the masks in such a way that a chain reaction will destroy all of them.

Each mask has a tattoo that indicates which direction it will explode in. The player swaps the masks’ positions so that when the top mask explodes, it will trigger all of the rest of the masks to detonate as well. As the player progresses, the levels become increasingly large and complex.

Download for Mac or PC.