The player controls a boy and a girl, one at a time, as they explore a cave.




Independent Project


Programmed in Python,
Art made in Graphics Gale,
Sound made in SFXR


Peter Lu  :  Designer, Programmer
Anton Bobkov  :  Tester

Cave is an experiment to try and derive narrative meaning from all the minute details of the game medium itself. The two characters move and act differently as part of this: the girl moves slowly and realistically while the boy conforms more to our expectations of a more generic platformer. The experience was designed to deceive the player into relaxed expectations about a platformer before suddenly extracting the player from this frame of mind. The climactic moment of the game raises the question “Am I playing the game or is this game playing me?” Ultimately, the game tries to tell a metaphorical story about coming of age and the moral questions surrounding this.

Download the game here.