Binary Glove

The binary glove teaches concepts of binary sequences and bits in a fun and engaging way.




This game was part of Pete Hawkes' graduate research at UCLA Design Media Arts.




Pete Hawkes  :  Game Designer

In Binary Glove, each finger represents a bit value in a simple binary sequence: 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16. Pressure sensors in the ends of each finger register each bit as on or off. The sum of each active bit is displayed on the glove along with a visual representation of the current sequence. 5 bits allow the wearer to create any number from 0 to 31 on one hand.

The glove has a learning mode for experimentation and play. Each number combination plays a different tone. Once the wearer is comfortable with the system they can activate a game mode and test their skills. A random number from 0 to 31 is displayed and the user is timed to see how fast they can create the correct bit sequence.

Simple interactive exercises like these teach useful concepts that might otherwise appear too abstract for some students. Once the skill is learned and the pattern recognized, further learning poses fewer obstacles for the visual learner.

[update] The Binary Glove is a finalist in FILE PRIX LUX Sao Paulo.