So Many Rooms!

Posted on February 2nd, 2011
by Alex Rickett

After two days, Global Game Jam is over!

Some guys you might recognize organized “So Many Rooms” as part of the Global Game Jam. The premise is to implement their flash api (templates interfacing this api with flashpunk and flixel were also provided) and create a one room game. When the game ends, it automatically transitions to the next. Players can also hit Return to skip to the next game. All games are controlled only with the arrows keys, z and x. Over 30 rooms were submitted! The games themselves as you might imagine offer a wide range of gameplay. Some generic, some unique, some downright weird. It’s particularly interesting to experience the second level of gameplay that is created with the additional option of skipping games. I also found myself wishing I could go back to previous games that abruptly ended for whatever (arbitrary) reason.

You can play the games over at So Many Rooms.