Classroom Aquatic

Classroom Aquatic is the world's first stealth/trivia game for the Oculus Rift.




Oculus Rift VR Jam 2013


Oculus Rift


Eric Cappello  :  Sound Designer
Nautilus (Adeline Ducker)  :  Environment Art
Mickey Goese  :  Character Animation
Remy Karns  :  Producer & Design
Heather Penn  :  Environment Art
Mike Saltveit  :  Programming

Classroom Aquatic is the world’s first stealth/trivia game for the Oculus Rift. Players play as an exchange student in a school of dolphins, taking a test that the player is in no way prepared for– luckily for them, their fellow classmates are. They must resort to cheating in order to pass it! The player uses the Oculus Rift to look at the surrounding students’ tests to get the right answers. If the students or teacher catch the player looking at another test, they won’t be happy about it! The player must avoid angering their fellow classmates and the professor by sneaking glances or causing distractions. If the player avoids getting caught three times and finishes the test with all correct answers, the player wins!


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