• Phantasm Atlas

    Phantasm Atlas is an interactive video installation re-imagining our bodily anatomy.

  • Whisk’ry Business

    Whiskr'y Business is a game in which you must change the sweater patterns of three hapless humans to match the cats which they occasionally pet.

  • F You, I’m Happy With Me: A Game About Selfies and Self-Love

    Selfies can be a valuable tool for practicing self-love, yet society expects women to walk an impossible tightrope between having an appropriate level of confidence and being vain. There is no “respectable” selfie that a woman can post without opening herself up to slut shaming, accusations of conceit, insults about her appearance and character, and […]

Empty Dreams

Empty Dreams is a a narrative experience about finding oneself in which the player explores a world of consciousness and memories.

Town 404

Just like the 404 web page, you can’t find town 404, whether on a paper map, an electronic map, a city list, a license plate number, a telephone area code, or a list of cities to which express can be delivered.


Gateway is an exploration platformer game/walking simulator taking place across multiple worlds.