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    Games as colors on canvas

    French curator and artist Isabelle Arvers will be visiting the UCLA Game Lab for a 2 day hands-on Machinima workshop.

  • Pope Burn - Hillary Cleary

    Pope Burn

    Pope Burn is a game about the representation and interpretation of politics through print media in 17th Century England.

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    Alexander Doggus

    Alexander Doggus is a wheelchair-using dog who used to be the world’s greatest show dog.

  • theo1

    Le Petit Architecte

    Le Petit Architecte is an open-ended architectural competition.

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    2015 Game Art Festival

    A festival of experimental games, game art, tournaments, performances, music, and presentations.

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  • food trucks

    Food Trucks

    Put your culinary skills to the test and battle sandwiches in a tournament-style miniature monster truck rally



    Sandswitch is a game about food culture, sandwich building, and theft.


    One cup of juice

    One cup of juice is a game that converts a two person human relationship into an orange juicing machine.