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    High School Summer Institute 2017

    Registration for Game Lab Summer Institute is now open!

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    Software Etc.

    Software Etc. is a virtual shopping mall and chatbot ecosystem.

  • Cos-MoCapAstrodromeAmerica

    Cos-Mo Cap Astrodrome America

    An Omnidimensional Countergravitational Live System for Hyperterrestrial Synthesized Telecomputational Motion Capture.

  • Bowan Hesslegrave - Will I get measles at Disneyland?

    Will I get measles at Disneyland?

    In “Will I Get Measles At Disneyland?”, you play as a determined mom guiding her children through a measles-infested theme park.


Ring By Spring

It's senior year of college and graduation is quickly approaching, leaving young women with two options: get hired or get engaged.



Shit happens, so we might as well help each other. Meet you at the summit. This is the pursuit.