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    Artist Talk by Ju Row Farr of Blast Theory

    UK-based artist group Blast Theory visits UCLA Game Lab March 2, 2017 at 12:00pm

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    High School Summer Institute 2017

    Registration for Game Lab Summer Institute is now open!

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    Software Etc.

    Software Etc. is a virtual shopping mall and chatbot ecosystem.

  • Pope Burn - Hillary Cleary

    Pope Burn

    Pope Burn is a game about the representation and interpretation of politics through print media in 17th Century England.

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    Alexander Doggus

    Alexander Doggus is a wheelchair-using dog who used to be the world’s greatest show dog.

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    Le Petit Architecte

    Le Petit Architecte is an open-ended architectural competition.

  • A workshop and talk with Ju Row Farr of Blast Theory...On chronal accelerators and fields of force...An interview with Miller Klitsner, creator of Bravo Drive...Augmented Reality Bodybuilding with Jeremy Bailey...An Interview With The Creators of Phantasm Atlas...Meet Isla Hansen: UCLA Game Lab Artist in Residence...UCLA Game Lab returns to Northern Spark art festival...Transforming Hollywood 6...Meet Gregg Tavares,UCLA Game Lab Artist in Residence...Remembering Ralph Baer, father of the videogame...
  • ddkb

    Ddook Ddak Kimbap!

    Two teams attempt to build a spring roll by stealing ingredients out from underneath the Dokkaebi's tentacles.


    Make America Great Again

    Make America Great Again is an asymmetrical polemical board game based on Donald Trump’s views on immigration


    Ring By Spring

    It's senior year of college and graduation is quickly approaching, leaving young women with two options: get hired or get engaged.