• Undergraduate Design and Development Research Fellowship

    Due Friday November 16!!!

  • Ex Nihilo

    Using the HTC Vive players can freely run and climb to explore the peculiar chain of floating islands that fill this detailed, living and breathing world.

  • Vespers

    Vespers as a game explores the Catholic view of Purgatory through the lense of an Elizabethan-era Everyman play.

  • Anima

    Viewers can walk around at their own pace and listen to the environment. The overall mood is meditative, encouraging the participant to take their time and relax.

Empty Dreams

Empty Dreams is a a narrative experience about finding oneself in which the player explores a world of consciousness and memories.

Town 404

Just like the 404 web page, you can’t find town 404, whether on a map, a license plate, or a list of cities to which express can be delivered.


Gateway is an exploration platformer game/walking simulator taking place across multiple worlds.