Anonymity takes the Vanilla out of Sex

A social experiment, a game, and a party.




Created in the Fall 2012 Experimental Games & Game Art Class (DESMA 171), taught Eddo Stern


Fabric, Air Compressor, Balloons, Custom Electronics


Lucas Kazansky  :  Game Design & Fabrication

Anonymity takes the Vanilla out of Sex is a performance art game, social experiment and party installation. The piece was created to encourage sexual discussion in a public setting and alleviate social taboos against sexual openness.

Several tents are erected and equipped with electronic switches. The switches are connected to a balloon phallus via pneumatic tubing. These tents serve as voting booths where participants may anonymously express their sexual preferences while the phallus is a visual cue for the audience.

Once participants have entered the tents, audience members shout out various sexual acts. Participants flip their switches to signal their approval. When a majority of participants approve of an act, the phallus inflates before the audience. After several rounds of sexual consensus, the phallus explodes in a climax of confetti.

Anonymity takes the Vanilla out of Sex reveals many deviances to be commonly accepted sexual practices. As both audience and participants realize their common interests, what emerges is an environment free of judgment where anonymity is no longer required.