UCLA Game Lab Cocktail Cabinets

Our latest retro-gaming incarnation




The Hammer Museum ARTS RESTORE LA: WESTWOOD project


Wood, Arcade Controls


Steven Amrhein  :  Design & Construction
Phil Scott  :  Construction of arcade controls
Jonathan Cecil  :  Design & Construction of arcade controls
Amanda Ho  :  Construction

From the creators of the UCLA Game Lab Arcade Backpack comes our latest retro-gaming incarnation: The UCLA Game Lab Cocktail Tables, these cabinets were made with the support of The Hammer Museum, as part of their Arts ReSTORE LA: Westwood  project. As well as our cocktail tables also had the oppurtunity to through a  one day-night mini game art festival called, Popup Arcade Extravaganza!, where we exhibited the cocktail tables for the first time as well as 6 new games.