Escape from Spiderhead

Players must use various experimental drugs to build up the willpower necessary to sacrifice themselves and save their peers.




Created in the Spring 2011 Game Design Class (DESMA 157A), taught Eddo Stern


Bristol board, plastic, paper


Andre Gerner  :  Game Designer

In this game, inspired by George Saunders’ story of the same name, eight players move through the Spiderhead testing facility engaging in experiments with other players, attempting both to maintain their sanity and to build up the willpower necessary to enter the Spiderhead control room and sacrifice their lives in order to corrupt the experiments’ data and save their fellow test subjects.

Each player is dealt a hand of experimental drugs like InstaRaje™, VerbaLuce™, LuvInclynd™, and GiltAway™. Each room has a specific set of rules as indicated
When they enter into an experiment with another player,

Once a player has a completely full willpower meter and enters Spiderhead, this player sacrifices him or herself and wins the game.